Delbo's Dial-A-Wand

Delbo Trapspringer is a gnome engineer famous for inventing many items that make adventuring life easier in Known Parma, including the repeating crossbow and the instant campfire. His most recent innovation is an aid to spellcasters of all types.
Delbo’s Dial-A-Wand is a wooden cylinder about the size of a map or scroll tube, weighing about a half-pound when empty and just under a full pound when loaded. One one end of the Dial-A-Wand is an opening about a half-inch thick. On the other is a dial with a notch that can be turned to reveal a number between 1 and 6, along with a button in the center. When a number is selected and the button is pressed, the wand loaded into the number’s corresponding slot springs forth, about an inch of its length protruding from the device. The Dial-A-Wand forms a mystical connection between the user and the selected wand, allowing the user to interact with the wand as if holding it directly. When the button is pressed a second time, the wand retracts and a new wand may be selected.

The device may be loaded with up to six magic wands of any sort. Once this is done, the user may switch between the six wands as a free action, rather than needing to take a move-equivalent action to draw and put away each individual wand used.

Delbo also sells a version marketed toward psionic manifesters, called Delbo’s Dial-A-Dorje. The only differences between the two items are the logo painted on the sides and the target demographic. Delbo also enjoys the alliteration of the name more. Due to their immense popularity, Dial-A-Wands and Dial-A-Dorjes can be found in most large towns and cities, where they usually sell for about 1,000 gp.

Faint transmutation; CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item, mage hand, Craft (clockwork) 10 ranks; Price 1,000 gp. Cost to create: 40 XP, 500 gp.

Delbo's Dial-A-Wand

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