Elocaters' Guild

The Sovereign Fraternity Of Elocaters, most often referred to as the Elocaters’ Guild or simply the Elocaters, is one of the most exclusive and most essential organizations in Known Parma. The Guild provides unparalleled transportation and courier services throughout the land, hopping from city to city, country to country, in the blink of an eye.

Membership in the Guild requires a steep commitment, but comes with great rewards. The elocater prestige class (Expanded Psionics Handbook, p. 142) is available exclusively through Guild training and its secrets are jealously guarded. Though the rates elocaters charge for their services are fixed by the Guild, an elocater is allowed to keep half of the fee, in addition to any tips.

For those who can afford to pay, the Elocaters’ Guild’s services are invaluable. Caravans and terrestrial couriers are slow and fraught with risk. For the cost of a handful of teleportations, a merchant can move his goods from Loch Nar to Gygax and be home in time for lunch. Communications between nations take minutes instead of months.

A maenad Elocater, Alrik Kolbjorn, took part in the most recent Unity Cup, proceeding to the finals before being defeated by Shemp Sharpaxe.

Elocaters' Guild

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