Crescent Kingdom

The Crescent Kingdom is one of the four nations of Known Parma, a land where the powers of the mind reign supreme. While nominally a kingdom, the human royalty of Crescent has little real political power, acting primarily as a corps of diplomats. The government of Crescent is a psiocracy ruled by a twelve-member Cerebral Council.

Humans make up the majority of the Crescent Kingdom, representing about 40% of its population. The rest of Crescent is a chaotic mix of cultures and races. Xephs, maenads, thri-kreen tribes, and dromites all inhabit small pockets of their own within Crescent and half-giant tribes make their homes on the edges of the Bitter Sea.

Every four years, Crescent is host to a week-long martial and athletic competition known as the Unity Cup. Arranged by maenads and open to competitors from every nation, the Unity Cup allows Crescent citizens to display the hospitality they are famous for.

The capital of the Crescent Kingdom is Jozail, the Radiant City.

Crescent Kingdom

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