Crownsreach is a town within the Kingdom of Greenwood. It is the westernmost government-affiliated settlement and is the center of law and order in the region.

Crownsreach is adjacent to Duskwatch Fortress, home to a garrison of royal troops. These troops spend most of their time scouting the surrounding wilderness and guarding the supply line between Crownsreach and the rest of the kingdom. The town itself is fortified with wooden walls and defended by a small, but well trained, city watch.

Over the last decade, the town has grown into a trading hub, where Westerlands locals exchange crops and treasures for luxury goods and necessities from across the Four Nations. The ruler of Crownsreach, Duchess Victorine Marchand, often subcontracts risky tasks to the groups of mercenaries and adventurers who are attracted to the frontier. These tasks can include pest control, caravan protection, fugitive retrieval, and more dangerous pursuits.

The taverns and temples of Crownsreach are often the first stop for those wishing to make their fortunes on the wild frontier.


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